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The Ghana News Agency (GNA) is a news wire whose core mandate is to collect, process and disseminate news about Ghana both within and outside the country.

It was the first news agency to be established in Ghana on March 5, 1957, and also in Sub-Saharan Africa. GNA was part of a comprehensive communication policy that sought to harness the information arm of the state in order to build a viable, united and cohesive nation.

The Ghana News Agency essentially is a central news collection agent of the state which gathers news from the various regions and districts in the country. It is instrumental in conveying Government messages, policies, plans and programmes to the people including those in the remotest areas of the country. GNA’s operations also give a significant voice to the vast majority of citizens in rural areas, thereby promoting good governance and reducing the urban bias of news reportage.

The Ghana News Agency has offices in all the regions and some district capitals. It also employs the services of stringers in many towns and villages across the country. The Agency currently has over 250 permanent employees comprising management staff, journalists, secretarial staff, computer technicians, drivers, auto mechanics etc.


The GNA strives to be the preferred source of news and information in Ghana, Africa and the World.