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The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) is the public broadcaster in Ghana. It was established on July 31, 1935 by the Colonial Governor, Sir Arnold Hodson. GBC was originally known as Gold Coast Broadcasting System before it was renamed, Ghana Broadcasting Cooperation upon the country’s attainment of independence in 1957. GBC is fully owned and funded by the Government through direct funding, radio and television commercials and television

license levies. It has branches or affiliate stations in all the 10 regions in the country. The legislation that basically setup GBC as a proper establishment was the National Liberation Council Decree number 226 (NLCD266) of 1968.

GBC operates the famous Ghana Television (GTV) which is broadcast nationwide on analogue terrestrial platform. Additionally, GBC runs five digital channels namely, GTV Sports+ (a channel for sports), GBC 24 (a 24-hour news TV channel), GTV Life (a religion and culture channel), GTV Govern (a governance channel), Obonu TV (a channel for the people of Greater Accra and window for the Ga-Dangbe). The Ghana Broadcasting Cooperation also operates 10 regional radio stations located in each of the 10 regional capitals of the country.